Who We Are
Watercare Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, designs and builds state-of-the-art solutions that help industrial clients use water safely with an industry mix of treatment plant Designing and Construction, Chemical Formulation, Chemical Trading & Laboratory Services.
Our team consists of carefully qualified engineers, in-field specialists, and technical experts in order to fulfill the highest performance requirements demanded by our clients that provide guidance and engineering support solutions. We deliver our services across all institutional, commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors and work throughout the country.

In order to provide actual performance improvements to our clients, our teams of environmental and engineering specialists pool their unmatched expertise, thorough capabilities, and practical know-how in all of our specialty areas of operation. Our specialized laboratory helps assist you with analytical testing services for a variety of industries.
To be the most outstanding and dynamic business organization in the industry in which we operate.
To ensure every customer can rely on us to deliver sophisticated water compliance and treatment solutions, with cutting-edge laboratory services along with first-class chemical manufacturing and trading components.
Mr. Chandana Muhandiram
Managing Director
MD's Message
Welcome to the WATERCARE website; within these pages, you will learn more about our history, latest accomplishments and the products and services that we offer. You will also find out more about the values of our institution which, since it was first established in 2006, has been committed to helping Sri Lanka meet its economic aspirations.
It has been this commitment that paved the way for WATERCARE’s successful journey throughout the 17 years, giving rise to one of the deep-rooted, customer-focused professional organizations in Sri Lanka with world-class standards and business operations. As we look forward, we will continue to build on the pillars that have contributed to our success: WATERCARE will continue to focus on the principles of good corporate citizenship and best practices, with an emphasis on long-term growth.
Once again, welcome to our website.
Watercare Managing Director Mr Chandana Muhandiram was awarded the best entrepreneur for the year in 2016 by National Enterprise Development Authority.
Watercare being a systematic organization believing in standards has obtained various certifications showcasing high quality levels maintained.
Renowned Clientele
Our client list speaks for itself. Since the beginning, we have represented businesses across a range of industries, investing in the same partnership philosophy and commitment at the heart of each engagement.